Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy nights in Vegas continues!

I told myself I was gonna have a calm relaxing night out with my cousin...but somehow as my BFF puts it, craziness seems to follow me! My cousin and i walked the strip and ended up at club Tao in the Venetian. Luckily I saw the same host that got us in last week and he totally took care of us. Thank goodness he remembered me! He put us in the VIP line, gave me a permanent VIP card, and pushed us to the front. There's no way I would wait in that crazy line! Tera Patrick was at the club and it was packed! We got in and the dance floor was banana's. You couldn't even move! My cousin made some friends sitting on a VIP table on the dance floor and we got to hang in their roped off section. Good thing cuz there's no dancing unless you pay for private space. The guys were so awesome. They are visiting from Canada and just about the sweetest guys you could meet. If people came too close to us, they notified security and he would clear the area for us. They also continued to make drinks for us, get us escorts to the bathroom, and rescue us from nasty guys. One of them is a hip hop instructor and the one in the picture with me is supposedly a famous actor in Taiwan. Does anyone recognize him????


  1. Hi HUn~

    looks like you are having lots of fun! looks super hot there >_< that guy is a taiwanese actor? I wouldnt know LOL :P

    you look mecha kawaii as always! :D

  2. oh I was there and I wanted to go to Tao!! But my sister wasn't legal of age and I didn't wanna go clubbing by myself :(

    Hmm I have no idea who the famous actor in Taiwan is.. Even though I'm Taiwanese I'm pretty out of the loop for Taiwanese pop culture lol!