Friday, May 8, 2009

Japanese Market

I was so excited to find a Japanese market(Nakata Market) in Vegas today!  The market is so tiny but it has many different Japanese products.  They also had movie rentals!  I bought Tonkotsu ramen (my favorite!) and chocolates (yummy).  I was so tempted to buy shampoo but I think I will wait till I go home to Hawaii next week!!!  I will definitely be heading to Shirokiya and Don Quixote to buy my favorite Japanese things!

In honor of starting my very first blog I am planning to have a drawing to give away some things I pick up in Hawaii.  I haven't decided on exactly what but I know it will include Hawaii snacks, kawaii iroiro mono and of course makeup!  I can't wait to go home and pick out some prizes.  Keep checking for updates on giveaway guidelines and exact prizes.  


  1. OMG that flower bouquet is absolutely KAWAII!!! XD wow~

    yay giveaway from Hawaii is always GOOD!!

    Dacey chan you gotta cancel the other blogs LOL~!!

  2. oh that sounds exciting!! The hello kitty flower is soo cute!