Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm on a roll....

Ok ok ok, I'm officially addicted...I just came back from buffet at the casino and had to post the pictures of my son and I goofing off. He is such a character. I try to take nice pictures with him and he makes funny faces. SOOOOO I gave in and made weird faces with him...I've been asked to post the new products I've been trying such as Ojon dry shampoo and Dior mascara. I promise to do these product reviews very soon!


  1. Dacey cutie you have a SON!! no way you look like your like 16ish LOL I had to double read it haha XD

    super adorable handsome son! should enter him into Johnnys agency! ^__^

  2. OMG
    Your son is sooo cutee!!<3
    Haha.. you two look more like siblings
    Such sweet and cute pics!~