Friday, May 22, 2009

I used to... (Inspired by Anu)

I used to believe in fairy tales
I used to be passionate about writing and then I wrote too many reports in school.
I used to think friends were top priority in life until I began to lose them.
I used to believe that I could never get hurt.
I used to feel smart until I made the same mistakes more than once.
I used to have many dreams.
I used to have faith in boys but now I'm jaded.
I used to think girls made horrible friends because of the drama but boys are just as bad.
I used to like cherry tomatoes and now not so much...
I used to pray for brown hair
I used to be mean to people and now I try hard to be nice.
I used to live in Hawaii and now that I'm gone I miss it soooooo much.
I used to work with troubled kids and now I don't do much of anything!
I used to have fat ball knees when I studied in Rome.
I used to enjoy cooking and baking but now I'm just lazy.
I used take belly dance classes.
I used to find the simplest things to be hilarious...oh wait, I still do! 


  1. i feel like i lost a lot of friends too...but i guess i could kind of tell who my true friends were and which ones were just there for the time being. it's easy to tell when weddings roll around...

  2. I feel the exact same way!!! we always did think alike though...