Friday, May 22, 2009

Hair accessories from Eki!!

I was so bummed to come back to Vegas after spending the weekend in Hawaii.  I had a blast in Hawaii and I got to see so many friends.  I was so happy to see Jen, my little brother Todd, Jamie, and even Ben Awesome (although I'm not so sure he can be called Ben Awesome anymore :(  
When I got home, I had a package from Eki and although I had bought hair pins from her, I was NOT expecting all the extras she sent such as strawberry candy and two extra bows. Eki is soooo sweet!  I love you, girl!  I'm so sorry these pictures do not do your beautiful bow's justice...I wish I had a good camera like yours.


  1. Hi cutie!! welcome back!! man how I wish I could live/go to hawaii LOL
    I hope you have great time!! you look so adorable!! Im thinking about posting some eki hair models on my other page so people can see what they look like on :D

    if you would like to model some hair pieces please let me know~!!

  2. I love Eki's work!! It's so beautiful ^_~