Sunday, May 31, 2009

crazy nights in Vegas!

I am STILL fighting the never ending battle with my skin! I have been breaking out like crazy and it's driving ME a little insane. I think the partying, the heat, and my running obsession has been taking its toll on me. Currently I am recovering from a wild weekend in Las Vegas. My best-friend and her sister drove from Orange County to spend the weekend with me. A friend of mine is a professional gambler! He moves from one casino to the next and gets comped EVERYTHING! He gets his room free, all his food, limo, show tickets, and access to lots of clubs. I heart him so much because he's really sweet and he always takes care of us girls. We went to club TAO on Friday and on Saturday and met lots of random people. Oops I have to interrupt my train of thought because my gambler friend, Chris, just texted. He lost $7000 yesterday in one hour but he won it all back today! YAY! Okay back to my original thought, we saw Christina Aguilera at Tao with her husband in a VIP booth, got shoved around (and shoved) lots of people on the dance floor, and then had 4 free cheesecakes courtesy of my friend Chris. It was really a bizarre but awesome night!! We went to Tao again last night and met more sweet and funny people, danced our asses off, and took a million pictures. I wish the girls didn't have to go home............. So now it's back to lonely girl in Vegas! Oh and btw the blonde is Christina Aguilera. We couldn't get a clear shot of her.


  1. Hi cutie
    sounds like you are having great time there! yeah Im sure vegas weather will take a toll on our skin,, last time I was there it was super dry and hot my skin was not happy LOL >_<

    I wanna party with ya~

  2. You saw Christina Aguilera?!!! Lucky girl!

  3. you are just too cute! and your son is adorable! btw, i'm following your blog now. :P

  4. ooh cute pics@
    thanks for visiting me!! i will follow your blog for sure!