Sunday, May 31, 2009

crazy nights in Vegas!

I am STILL fighting the never ending battle with my skin! I have been breaking out like crazy and it's driving ME a little insane. I think the partying, the heat, and my running obsession has been taking its toll on me. Currently I am recovering from a wild weekend in Las Vegas. My best-friend and her sister drove from Orange County to spend the weekend with me. A friend of mine is a professional gambler! He moves from one casino to the next and gets comped EVERYTHING! He gets his room free, all his food, limo, show tickets, and access to lots of clubs. I heart him so much because he's really sweet and he always takes care of us girls. We went to club TAO on Friday and on Saturday and met lots of random people. Oops I have to interrupt my train of thought because my gambler friend, Chris, just texted. He lost $7000 yesterday in one hour but he won it all back today! YAY! Okay back to my original thought, we saw Christina Aguilera at Tao with her husband in a VIP booth, got shoved around (and shoved) lots of people on the dance floor, and then had 4 free cheesecakes courtesy of my friend Chris. It was really a bizarre but awesome night!! We went to Tao again last night and met more sweet and funny people, danced our asses off, and took a million pictures. I wish the girls didn't have to go home............. So now it's back to lonely girl in Vegas! Oh and btw the blonde is Christina Aguilera. We couldn't get a clear shot of her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New friends in Vegas

My very best friend from Orange County came to visit me in Vegas. We went to the Yardhouse and the Blue Martini one night to check out the off the strip scene. Yardhouse was pretty dead but Blue Martini was nice. The bartenders are all hot girls and they play pretty good music. We met some new friends who offered to get us into XS night club the next night. Needless to say, we had a blast and I'm so glad that we decided to try some place new.

Monday, May 25, 2009

skin care

I have been breaking out like mad since moving to Las Vegas. I run a lot and the combination of super dry hot weather, sweating, and dirt/dust everywhere has been doing wonders for my skin. In Hawaii, my skin was doing awesome. I didn't have a pimple in a year and my foundation gave my skin a nice glow. I used to have bad skin until I started using Trish McEvoy foundation, which seems to have cleared up my dry patches and uneven coloring. However, now I'm back to square one trying to figure out how to salvage my complexion. The products that I've been using since living in Hawaii are Estee Lauder's Hydra Complete Multi Level Moisture Cream and Kiehl's face wash. The Estee Lauder moisturizer has helped my dry skin so much since I started using it in September. Kiehl's gentle foaming face wash has also helped to clear up my dry patches. I went to so many cosmetic counters, dermatologists, and stores to ask about helping my flaking skin. They all told me that I needed more intense help than they could offer (the dermatologist gave me did not work). After using Kiehl's face wash, my face feels so soft and stays moisturized throughout the day. It is extremely gentle and seems to brighten my complexion.

I have just started using DDF blemish face wash (blue liquid). I heard that it is amazing on blemishes but that it tends to dry out the skin. This was only relayed to me recently so I'm kinda nervous about agitating my skin with it. So far it has been a little drying but not too bad. Blemishes have not gone away yet!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I've been getting the travel bug lately. I miss backpacking through Europe with really good friends and exploring the world. I gotta say that Nice, Greece, Paris, and Switzerland are my absolute favorites....Aside from Rome, of course, which is like my second home. I hope to live in Roma again one day. I know this will probably never happen but I can always do the extended vacay in Europe. Although I have a passion for Europe, a piece of my heart will always be devoted to Japan and the friends I made there. I remember being so homesick when I first started teaching English in Japan but as I began to make friends, I LOVED it. I hope to see my crazy friends in Japan again one day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm on a roll....

Ok ok ok, I'm officially addicted...I just came back from buffet at the casino and had to post the pictures of my son and I goofing off. He is such a character. I try to take nice pictures with him and he makes funny faces. SOOOOO I gave in and made weird faces with him...I've been asked to post the new products I've been trying such as Ojon dry shampoo and Dior mascara. I promise to do these product reviews very soon!

Hair accessories from Eki!!

I was so bummed to come back to Vegas after spending the weekend in Hawaii.  I had a blast in Hawaii and I got to see so many friends.  I was so happy to see Jen, my little brother Todd, Jamie, and even Ben Awesome (although I'm not so sure he can be called Ben Awesome anymore :(  
When I got home, I had a package from Eki and although I had bought hair pins from her, I was NOT expecting all the extras she sent such as strawberry candy and two extra bows. Eki is soooo sweet!  I love you, girl!  I'm so sorry these pictures do not do your beautiful bow's justice...I wish I had a good camera like yours.

I used to... (Inspired by Anu)

I used to believe in fairy tales
I used to be passionate about writing and then I wrote too many reports in school.
I used to think friends were top priority in life until I began to lose them.
I used to believe that I could never get hurt.
I used to feel smart until I made the same mistakes more than once.
I used to have many dreams.
I used to have faith in boys but now I'm jaded.
I used to think girls made horrible friends because of the drama but boys are just as bad.
I used to like cherry tomatoes and now not so much...
I used to pray for brown hair
I used to be mean to people and now I try hard to be nice.
I used to live in Hawaii and now that I'm gone I miss it soooooo much.
I used to work with troubled kids and now I don't do much of anything!
I used to have fat ball knees when I studied in Rome.
I used to enjoy cooking and baking but now I'm just lazy.
I used take belly dance classes.
I used to find the simplest things to be hilarious...oh wait, I still do! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Japanese Market

I was so excited to find a Japanese market(Nakata Market) in Vegas today!  The market is so tiny but it has many different Japanese products.  They also had movie rentals!  I bought Tonkotsu ramen (my favorite!) and chocolates (yummy).  I was so tempted to buy shampoo but I think I will wait till I go home to Hawaii next week!!!  I will definitely be heading to Shirokiya and Don Quixote to buy my favorite Japanese things!

In honor of starting my very first blog I am planning to have a drawing to give away some things I pick up in Hawaii.  I haven't decided on exactly what but I know it will include Hawaii snacks, kawaii iroiro mono and of course makeup!  I can't wait to go home and pick out some prizes.  Keep checking for updates on giveaway guidelines and exact prizes.  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My very first Blog!

Hello blogger world! My name is Candice and I'm a Japanese girl born and raised in Hawaii. I'm the girl on the right--->

I'm a local girl from Hawaii who recently moved to Las Vegas temporarily. I feel so lost here and miss home sooooo much. I started this blog to document my transition to this crazy city! I am so excited to start my first blog but a little scared at the same time because I have no idea what I'm doing! I was inspired by all the beautiful girls out there who share my passion for makeup, fashion, and anything Kawaii! I hope that I can meet many people with similar interests.

I have to give a shot out to my new makeup hero Eki! She makes amazing hair accessories and I'm wearing one of her creations in the picture with my family. Thanks Eki for the extra goodies you sent me! I was so surprised to receive them. U totally rock!

By the way these are just random pictures of my best girlfriends who came to Vegas to celebrate my birthday in February. We had some crazy times on the strip.